The organic texturing of material in this body of work, is accomplished by controlled heat. In perforation, metal is heated in such a way that it becomes pocked and crater-like. In reticulation, the heat produces a ridged or rippled effect in the metal. Here is a selection of pieces I created from 2000 to the present. Some pieces may be for sale, others have been sold. For listings of current work for sale, see my available works page.

Perforation creates craters in the surface of nickel silver. Pendant of 2 perforated circles joined by a sterling silver stem holding sterling silver leaves
Small circular perforated nickel silver circle at the end of sterling silver curved stem with set ocean jasper stone & sterling silver formed leaf all hanging from a handwoven neckcord
Pendant with eliptical shaped perforation on another elipse of sterling silver with a handwoven neckcord
Earrings of perforated nickel silver arches with bezel set peridot & moving sterling silver spiculums that hang below the arches
Sail boat shaped pendant of perforated nickel silver with sterling silver & bezel set triangular tsavorite or green garnet
Pendant with main stem of a formed sterling silver leaf & 2 small gold casting grains & a branch with a perforated metal berry on silver & gold chain
Twig shaped pendant with 3 short branches, one holding a perforated metal berry the other a bezel set garnet
Pendant of perforated metal berries on sterling silver twigs with formed sterling leaf on handwoven Kumihimo cord
Purse shaped pendant of perforated nickel silver backed with sterling silver & 3 silver dangles each holding a diamond shaped garnet
Reticulated silver rectangular pendant showing the ridges formed in the metal with a purplish freshwater pearl in the lower right corner & hanging on a handwoven flat neckcord
Perforated nickel silver, fabricated/formed sterling silver, gold casting grain, silver/gold chain